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Vehicle on floor checks:

• Reset Service Light

• Service book & history

• Warning lights on dash

• Windscreen for stone chips & cracks

• Washers

• All wiper blades

• Front & rear lights

• Internal electrics

• Lubricate door hinges & catches

• Handbrake operation

• Any timing belt history

Under the Bonnet checks:

• Visual signs of leaks / damage

• Brake fluid level and condition

• Coolant level & strength

• Auxillery drive belt(s)

Vehicle half raised checks:

• Any tyre damage & tread depth

•Tyre pressure

• Brake pads, discs or rear shoes

• All suspension for leaks or damage

• Excessive play on wheels


Vehicle fully raised checks:

• Any fluid leaks

• Security of vehicle components

• Complete exhaust system
• Suspension bushes

Service operations carried out:

• Oil & oil filter replacement

• Air filter replacement

• Spark plug replacement

• Fuel filter replacement

• Cabin filter replacement

• Coolant changed

• Brake fluid changed

Honest, reliable and professional car repairs and servicing.


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Rediscover your Engine with


• Decrease in emissions

• Increase in Engine power

• Lower oil consumption

• Increased MPG

• Decreased vibration

• Restore torque

• Prolonged engine life

Overall marked improvement of engine performance.

£95.00 +VAT

Advanced Carbon Cleaning for any Combustion Engine


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